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About Us

MIPE is a company that has as its mission to be a model on having passionate employees, clients and partners. We live in an era of abundance, technology and information as was never seen before. We believe that #yourteam can be #thebestteam for your company, your clients and the world. We believe in method and action. We live for results.

About Us


Salesman and entrepreneur

Marcelo Silva has a passion about the human potential. Bachelor degree in Administration. Postgraduate degree in Marketing and Sales Management; 25 years working with sales and people; Experienced in supply chains and KAM. Six Sigma Green Belt; NLP Master Practitioner by the Instituto Z.Villarinho affiliated to the Dilts Strategy Group. Certified Personal & Professional Coach as well as Certified Leader Coaching by SBCoaching. Marcelo is experienced in B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C, C2C & B2E.


Salesman and entrepreneur

Eduardo Ribeiro is passionate about management and development of sales teams. Twenty-six years experience with sales and people. More than fifteen hundred hours as a participant in sales training. Ten years managing commercial teams in multinationals. Specialist in negotiation. NLP Master Practitioner by the Instituto Zélia Villarinho affiliated to the Dilts Strategy Group. Eduardo lived B2B, B2C, B2B2C and MLM.

MIPE Solutions

Our challenge is to generate the best deals for our customers and partners transforming results and lives using the most sustainable possible way.

Schedule an assessment with our team to understand if your organization is ready to be accelerated. Also count on a select group of MIPE partner consultants in human resources, finance, production processes, branding, marketing, e-business, business model and in the startup ecosystem.

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Our partners

MIPE brings the best solution partners for your business. Companies with history in the transformation of others.


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